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Veggie ball - Lettuce ball

Veggie ball - Lettuce ball

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**Veggie Ball - Green colored metal lettuce ball**

Perfect for entertaining your chickens.

The Veggie Ball is a green metal lettuce ball, specially designed to entertain and occupy your chickens. It is an essential tool for any chicken owner wishing to improve the well-being of their birds while stimulating them mentally and physically.

**Description and Use**

This lettuce baller is made of durable and high-quality metal, ensuring a long service life even under harsh outdoor conditions. Its attractive green color not only blends well into your chickens' natural environment, but also attracts their attention, enticing them to interact with it.

Using the Veggie Ball is simple and practical. Simply fill the ball with lettuce, fresh vegetables or other treats your chickens love. Once filled, you can choose to hang it or leave it on the ground. If you choose to hang it, hang the ball in the chicken coop at a height accessible to the chickens, using a rope or a hook. It can be hung from a branch, a fence or any other stable support. If you prefer to leave it on the ground, simply place it on the floor of the chicken coop or yard. Either way, your chickens will spend hours pecking and trying to reach the treats, providing them with great exercise.

**What's the point**

The Veggie Ball has several advantages for your chickens. First, it helps them combat boredom by providing them with an interactive and engaging activity. Boredom can often lead to unwanted behaviors like feather pecking, and this ball helps reduce these risks by occupying the hens' minds and bodies.

Second, it promotes a healthier diet. By inserting fresh vegetables into the bale, you encourage your chickens to eat nutrient-rich foods. This is a great way to supplement their diet and ensure they are getting the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy.

Finally, the Veggie Ball helps improve the general well-being of your chickens. By encouraging them to move around and interact with their environment, it helps strengthen their muscles and maintain their physical fitness. Additionally, this enriching activity stimulates their natural curiosity and foraging instinct, which is essential for their mental well-being.


In summary, the Veggie Ball - Green metal lettuce ball is an essential accessory for anyone who wants to offer their chickens a more enriching and active life. Not only does it keep your birds entertained and occupied, but it also encourages them to adopt a healthier diet while providing them with excellent exercise. Whether you choose to hang it or leave it on the ground, investing in this ball is a simple and effective way to take care of the well-being of your chickens while adding a touch of fun to their daily lives.

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