Ma poule express was founded in June 2018 by Mr. Marc-André Séguin.


In 2019, the acquisition of a business in Trois-Rivières was the starting point of a flourishing entrepreneurial adventure for this young student. With a passion for studies, medicine and travel, he discovered chicken farming as a welcome escape, offering moments of relaxation far from the stress and hassles of daily life. “Everything started about a year ago, with the deep desire to create a centralized place where chicken owners could quickly and easily find all the necessary products. This is how Ma Poule Express was born,” shares with enthusiasm Marc-André Séguin in 2019.

This somewhat far-fetched dream has turned into reality, and the Ma Poule Express family sees their dream blossom a little more every day. Currently, the company has a team of around ten employees and has expanded its reach across Canada and the United States. With a strong online presence, particularly on platforms such as Amazon, Ma Poule Express has established partnerships with players around the world, illustrating exponential growth.

Commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality has made Ma Poule Express stand out in the market. With an approach focused on excellence, the company has managed to build the loyalty of a diverse clientele, thus creating a solid reputation in the chicken breeding sector.

The international expansion of Ma Poule Express is not only limited to product sales, but also extends to strategic collaborations and sustainable initiatives in the field of poultry agriculture. The initial vision of creating a hub for chicken fanciers has evolved into a successful business that continues to innovate and respond to emerging market needs.

With partners around the world, Ma Poule Express positions itself as a major player in the sector, demonstrating that the company's growth is truly infinite. The story of Ma Poule Express illustrates the power of perseverance, innovation and passion in creating and growing a successful business.