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Ma Poule Express

Chickpea Adjustable Intensity

Chickpea Adjustable Intensity

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All nursery formats include bulb(s) and mini drinker.

You will love this nursery which will provide ambient lighting in your home. Easy indoor observation for you and your children.
For easy cleaning, we suggest using a potty mat with a few wooden splints.
The light intensity level can be adjusted according to the age of the chick.
Easy assembly and required hardware included. Significant electricity savings.

SMALL CHICK HOUSE (1 light): up to 8 chicks / 48X32X30 CM

MEDIUM CHICKER (2 lights): up to 16 chicks / 58X42X40 CM

LARGE CHICK HOUSE (2 lights): up to 30 chicks / 78X42X40 CM

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