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Ma Poule Express

Automatic forced air incubator

Automatic forced air incubator

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Our smart incubators allow you to have practically nothing to do during your incubations. They arrive in a styrofoam base which allows for better temperature and humidity control. The device has already been programmed during manufacture, which means that you have nothing to program. So all you have to do is plug it into the wall and calibrate it as needed. Alarms have also been programmed to warn you of a difference in temperature or humidity. It is possible with the instruction guide to set your alarms to other values ​​if necessary. This incubator is one of our star products because it is low-priced and our customers often have greater success than other popular models which are often expensive.

Automatic incubator

Included as a bonus with all our incubators:

-Egg turner

-Lamp for candling eggs

-1 spray bottle

-1 bottle to add water to the brooder

-Egg turner

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