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Corn Seeds (Honey and Cream Bicolor)

Corn Seeds (Honey and Cream Bicolor)

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Honey and Cream Bicolor corn seeds provide a delicious and visually appealing taste experience in the garden and on the plate. This organic corn variety produces medium-sized corn cobs, filled with sweet, juicy kernels that offer a perfect combination of sweet and creamy flavors. Honey and Cream Bicolor corn cobs feature golden yellow and creamy white kernels, creating a striking visual contrast when ready to harvest. Easy to grow in a variety of climates, these corn seeds are popular with gardeners for their reliable yield and disease resistance. Whether eating fresh, cooking or canning, Honey and Cream Bicolor corn is a versatile and flavorful choice for all corn lovers.

—> Cultivate different varieties at a distance of 7.5m to prevent varieties from crossing.

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