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Vitality Combo

Vitality Combo

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To guarantee the optimal well-being of your chickens and keep them active and in good health, it is essential to provide them with quality food adapted to their needs. At Ma Poule Express, we offer you a range of natural and safe products to strengthen the immune system of your chickens without resorting to antibiotics.

Dehydrated mealworms are an excellent source of essential nutrients for your chickens. These insect larvae, rich in proteins and fats, promote egg laying and contribute to the strengthening of cartilage and bones. Their energy content is equivalent to that of other natural food sources, making them a treat appreciated by your chickens. Distributed sparingly as a supplement to their daily diet, dehydrated mealworms are a convenient way to provide your chickens with a balanced and varied diet.

Our Party Mix is ​​an exclusive blend carefully created to meet the nutritional needs of your chickens. Made with natural mealworms and black soldier fly larvae, as well as white millet, red millet and sunflower seeds, this blend offers a variety of flavors and textures to delight your chickens' taste buds. As the first components of our Party Mix, mealworms and black fly larvae guarantee a high-quality protein source for a balanced and nutritious diet.

To complement this healthy and natural diet, we offer our Gallina Plus Vitality, a synergistic formula designed to stimulate the energy, water consumption and immune system of your chickens. By providing your chickens with the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy and active, our Gallina Plus Vitality helps you maintain a happy and productive flock.

Together, these products provide a natural and effective solution to strengthen your chickens' immune systems and ensure their overall well-being. Opt for quality products from Ma Poule Express and give your chickens the food they deserve.
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