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Combo ProBio

Combo ProBio

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Provide your chickens with a balanced and healthy diet with our range of carefully selected products, designed to promote healthy intestinal microflora and support their overall well-being.

**Dehydrated Mealworms for Poultry:** These mealworms, rich in fat and protein, are a delicious treat for your chickens. Not only do they promote egg laying, but they also help strengthen cartilage and bones. Made up of 25% fat and 50% protein, these worms offer an energy supply equivalent to that of other natural food sources. As a complement to their daily diet, these treats promote healthy digestion and are packaged with great care to ensure freshness.

**Diatomaceous Earth:** This precious powder, made from siliceous sedimentary rocks, is an essential addition to your chickens' diet. It prevents intestinal worms and other infections, while fighting lice and other parasites. Its abrasive, absorbent and insecticidal properties make it a powerful ally in the fight against domestic pests. Added to food or applied in nests, it guarantees a healthy and comfortable environment for your hens.

**Gallina Plus Probiotic Synergistic Formula:** This advanced formula offers a multitude of health benefits for your hens and chicks. By improving intestinal health, it promotes better absorption of nutrients and strengthens the immune system. It also prevents dehydration and stimulates the appetite, ensuring the overall well-being of your poultry.

Together, these products constitute a complete package for a healthy and balanced diet for your chickens, promoting natural intestinal microflora and optimal overall health. Offer your chickens the best that nature has to offer with our range of premium quality products.
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