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Grain bell - Gold Mix

Grain bell - Gold Mix

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As nature awakens and birds begin to seek out their daily food, providing a delicious and nutritious feast can attract a variety of species to your garden. Here we have the perfect solution for creating a true paradise for wild birds: our high-quality fruit and nut bells.

Imagine, at sunrise, the sweet chirping of birds filling your garden, attracted by the delicacies you have generously offered them. Our Gold blend, available in a one-pound bag (454 g), is specially designed to attract a multitude of avian species thanks to its carefully selected combination of ingredients.

As soon as you unfurl our fruit and nut bells, you can expect to see a veritable cacophony of color and movement as the birds come to feast. But what magical ingredients are hidden in these avian delights? Let's take a look at our ingredient list:

- **Black Sunflower:** A source of protein and healthy fats, black sunflower seeds are a favorite of many birds, including chickadees, finches and jays.

- **Safflower:** Safflower seeds are valued for their high fat content, providing essential energy to birds during the colder months.

- **Nuts:** Nuts add a touch of crunch and irresistible flavor to our mix, attracting birds who enjoy foods high in fat.

- **White Millet and Milo:** These small seeds are a source of valuable carbohydrates for birds, providing them with the energy necessary for their daily activities.

- **Rapeseed:** Rapeseed seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial for feather health and the general physical condition of birds.

- **Berry Fruits:** Delicious berries add a touch of sweetness and variety to our blend, also attracting species that naturally feed on fruit in the wild.

- **Gelatin:** Gelatin acts as a natural binder, ensuring that our fruit and nut bells remain intact and easy for birds to handle.

Together, these ingredients form a tasty and balanced feast, perfectly suited to the nutritional needs of wild birds. In addition to providing a reliable food source, our fruit and nut bells are also a wonderful way to attract a variety of species to your garden, creating a balanced and vibrant ecosystem.

So why wait? Treat your feathered friends to an unforgettable dining experience today with our high-quality fruit and nut bells. Make your garden a meeting place for nature and enjoy the enchanting spectacle of the birds that gather there.

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