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Chick'N Egg - Supports musculoskeletal integrity

Chick'N Egg - Supports musculoskeletal integrity

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The animal health product presented here is a valuable addition to any care routine for chickens, chicks and laying hens. It is specially formulated to support musculoskeletal integrity and promote healthy eggshell structure. Each 5ml dose contains essential active ingredients including calcium chloride, calcium propionate and vitamin D3, known for their importance in the development and maintenance of bone and eggshell health. This product is available in a 500 ml bottle, with a shelf life of 18 months, providing a practical and sustainable solution for breeders. Non-medicinal ingredients, such as reverse osmosis purified water, calcium lactate, peppermint and others, complement the formula to ensure optimal effectiveness. To use, simply add 5 ml (one teaspoon) per liter of fresh water for broilers, chicks and laying hens. By providing this quality health product, you are investing in the welfare and performance of your poultry flock, ensuring optimal results and sustainable production. For complete information on usage and recommendations, consult the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer via the link provided.

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