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Chick'N Prebiotic+ - Helps promote the gut microbiome and support a healthy immune system

Chick'N Prebiotic+ - Helps promote the gut microbiome and support a healthy immune system

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Chick'N Prebiotic+ is an essential nutritional supplement to ensure the health and well-being of your broilers, laying hens and turkeys. Its special formula helps promote the gut microbiome and supports a healthy immune system, providing additional protection for your poultry.

This product is a source of prebiotics, compounds that promote the growth and activity of beneficial intestinal bacteria. The inulin and yeast extracts present in Chick'N Prebiotic+ are particularly effective in improving intestinal microbial balance by reducing the population of pathogenic species, which contributes to the overall health of your pets.

In addition to supporting healthy digestion, the yeast extracts in this product improve digestive enzyme activity and nutrient utilization, allowing your pets to obtain the maximum nutritional benefits from their diet. Additionally, inulin supplementation also increases nutrient absorption by improving the intestinal lining.

Inulin and yeast extracts also have a positive effect on boosting the immune status of your poultry, helping them fight diseases and infections more effectively. Additionally, the presence of vitamins E and C in Chick'N Prebiotic+ provides antioxidant and anti-stress properties, providing additional protection against the harmful effects of environmental stress.

The instructions for using Chick'N Prebiotic+ are simple: simply mix 2 g in 1 liter of water for your broilers, laying hens and turkeys. A level measure gives approximately 1 g. It is recommended to prepare a fresh solution every day and ensure that fresh water is always available for your animals. This product is recommended for daily use, but can also be used more intensively when needed.

Available in 300 g format, Chick'N Prebiotic+ has a shelf life of 24 months, which allows you to store and use this product in a practical and economical way. By adding Chick'N Prebiotic+ to your poultry's feeding routine, you offer them additional protection to keep them healthy and productive.
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