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Paw interactive bowl

Paw interactive bowl

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This silicone product offers much more than just a solution for feeding your pets. In fact, by slowing down your pet's eating rate, it promotes better digestion and thus contributes to its overall health.

The ingenious design of this product is specifically designed to encourage your pet to take more time to eat. By reducing the speed at which he can access his food, it allows his digestive system to function optimally, preventing digestion problems often associated with eating too quickly.

A particularly appreciated aspect of this product is its enthusiastic adoption by the dogs of “Ma Poule Express” employees. This mark of approval from our four-legged friends demonstrates the effectiveness and appeal of this product for our canine companions.

But that's not all, this product is not limited to dogs. It is also ideal for cats, providing a versatile solution for multi-species pet owners.

As for the specifications, this product measures 21.4 x 18.8 cm, making it a suitable size for most pets, whether large or small.

In short, this silicone product goes far beyond a simple pet feeding bowl. It's a tool that supports your pet's digestive health, approved by dogs themselves, and suitable for a variety of domestic species. With its practical dimensions and high quality material, it is an essential accessory for any owner concerned about the health and well-being of their pet.
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