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Blood Stop - Powder against bleeding

Blood Stop - Powder against bleeding

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Blood Stop is an essential powder designed to stop bleeding in hens and chicks, providing a quick and effective solution to treat wounds and prevent potentially serious blood loss.

This powder is specially formulated to enhance the process of platelet aggregation, which helps stop bleeding more quickly and reduces the risk of excessive blood loss in chickens. This makes it an essential product for poultry farmers who encounter cases of bleeding in their animals.

Additionally, Blood Stop is widely used in incubation settings, where chicks may sometimes experience bleeding which can be fatal due to their low blood reserves. By applying this powder to the bleeding site, breeders can act quickly to stop the bleeding and help save the lives of newly hatched chicks.

This powder contains a blend of active ingredients, including iron sulfate, tannic acid, ammonium alum and thymol iodine, which work together to promote blood clotting and speed up the healing process .

The instructions for using Blood Stop are simple and clear: simply apply the powder freely to the bleeding area, then put on a bandage if necessary. If necessary, the application can be repeated a second time after the bleeding has stopped. It is important not to touch the crust formed by the product, as this could trigger further bleeding.

In summary, Blood Stop is a must-have product for any poultry farmer, providing a quick and effective solution to treating bleeding in hens and chicks. With its special formulation and simple instructions, it allows you to act quickly in an emergency and prevent serious complications.
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