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Self-adherent bandage

Self-adherent bandage

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The self-adhering bandage is a versatile product that finds its place not only in the care of horses and other farm animals, but also in the field of sports therapy in humans. Its ability to adapt to different uses makes it a valuable tool for pet owners and healthcare professionals.

For horses and other farm animals, self-adherent bandage is often used to provide support and protection during injuries or joint problems. Its self-adhesive ability allows it to stay in place without requiring the use of clips or tape, making it easy to use and remove without causing additional stress to the pet.

In human sports therapy, self-adherent bandage is often used to support joints and muscles during exercise or recovery. Its flexible and elastic design allows it to comfortably adapt to different parts of the body, providing targeted support where it is needed while allowing a full range of movement.

An added benefit of the self-adherent bandage is its ability to provide mild to moderate compression, which can help reduce swelling and promote blood circulation to the affected area. This can be particularly beneficial for horses after strenuous exercise or injury, as well as for human athletes during recovery from intense training.

The self-adherent bandage is a versatile product that provides support and protection in a variety of situations, whether for horses and other farm animals or for human athletes in sports therapy. Its practical design and ability to adapt to different uses make it an indispensable tool for those looking to take care of their health and well-being, whether on the field or on the playing field.

Available individually or in boxes of 12 rolls.

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