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Ceramic Heating Bulb - Intertek Certified

Ceramic Heating Bulb - Intertek Certified

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The new giant ceramic bulbs from Ma Poule Express, with a power of 250W, offer improved quality. Made of high quality ceramic, they have the following characteristics:

- Long lifespan, lasting up to 30,000 hours or more with normal use. They thus provide a reliable and long-lasting heat source for your chickens, reducing the frequency of replacements and saving time and money.
- Long-wave infrared heat emission like 'sauna lights', promoting blood circulation and health. This gentle, soothing warmth helps keep your chickens comfortable and healthy, which is especially important during the colder months.
- Suitable for humid environments, these bulbs are ideal for use in chicken coops and livestock farms where humidity may be a problem. Their high-quality ceramic design makes them resistant to moisture and splashes, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions.
- Heat without emitting light, not interfering with the normal rest of animals. This feature is especially important at night, when your chickens need a dark, quiet environment to rest comfortably. Ceramic bulbs provide necessary warmth without disrupting their sleep cycle.
- ETL certification for verified quality. You can have confidence in the safety and reliability of these bulbs because they are certified by ETL, an internationally recognized certification organization.

Black bulbs, specifically designed to control chicken behavior, are also available. Black light can help reduce aggression between hens by decreasing their vision, thereby limiting fighting and aggressive behavior. They are often used in laying hen farms to prevent feather pecking and cannibalistic behavior.

In summary, the giant ceramic bulbs from Ma Poule Express offer a quality solution to ensure the comfort and well-being of your chickens, while meeting various needs such as warmth, health and behavior control. With their durability, energy efficiency and certified safety, they are an ideal choice for chicken owners keen to provide the best possible environment for their animals.
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