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Dome water trough

Dome water trough

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Drinker capacity
  • This Little Giant poultry waterer is best suited for adult birds. It is made of strong, sturdy plastic with a top-fill design that is easy to use. The valve in the base controls water flow, needing to be closed when filling and then opened to allow water to fill the base. For best results, place the waterer on level ground before filling.

    Perfect for when you have between 80 and 100 chickens, also good for ducks or other poultry.

    - Large capacity waterer that can accommodate between 80 and 100 chickens.
    - Top fill design for easy use.
    - Valve in the base controls water flow for optimal hydration.
    - Can also be used for ducks or other poultry, providing versatility of use suitable for various species.

    With its generous capacity and practical design, this waterer is an ideal choice for poultry farmers looking for a reliable and effective solution for hydrating their flock. Its robust construction guarantees a long lifespan and its ease of use makes it an essential tool in any poultry farming environment.
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