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automatic waterer

automatic waterer

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The automatic waterer set is a practical solution to ensure a constant and reliable water supply for your adult poultry. Designed to eliminate the worries of water pressure and frozen pipes, this waterer is an ideal choice for livestock keepers concerned about the well-being of their animals. With its gravity design, it ensures a continuous flow of fresh water, essential for maintaining the health and productivity of your poultry.

Assembling this waterer is a breeze, and cleaning it is just as simple. With a 20-inch plastic trough, automatic float, 6-foot flexible tube, 2-gallon reservoir and built-in filter, this kit provides everything you need to set up an efficient and effective watering system. practical.

The automatic float is a key part of this waterer, controlling the water level to prevent spills and overflows. This not only ensures that your poultry always have access to fresh, clean water, but also that you avoid waste and damage in your chicken coop.

By investing in this automatic waterer set, you can have peace of mind knowing that your poultry are well hydrated and their water needs are taken care of reliably and efficiently. With its robust design and ease of use, this waterer is a wise choice for any breeder concerned about the well-being of their animals.
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