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Good Start Combo

Good Start Combo

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Offer your chickens a “Good Start Combo” to start their day off on the right foot! Our set includes everything your chickens need for a happy, healthy life.

The “Good Start Combo” is a carefully selected combination of essential products for the well-being of your chickens. Here's what you'll find in this complete pack:

1. **3 Gallina + (Laying, Probiotic and Vitality):** This specially formulated mixture provides complete support for your chickens. With nutrient-rich ingredients, it promotes healthy egg laying, strengthens their immune system with probiotics and gives them the energy to stay active and fit.

2. **Oyster Shells 4.5 kg:** Oyster shells are a natural source of calcium, essential for strong eggs and healthy bones in your chickens. By adding this supplement to their diet, you ensure they get the minerals they need to stay in tip-top shape.

3. **Diatomaceous Earth 500 g:** Diatomaceous earth is a natural insecticide that helps control external parasites in chickens. Its abrasive texture acts effectively against red lice, mites and other parasites, while being safe for your chickens.

4. **Mealworms 0.45 kg:** Mealworms are a high quality source of protein for your chickens. By adding them to their diet, you provide them with a nutritional boost that promotes healthy growth and regular egg laying.

5. **Party Mix 2.25 kg:** Our Party Mix is ​​a tasty blend of seeds and dried insects, ideal for offering your chickens a variety of flavors and textures. It's the perfect snack to reward them after a busy day in the coop.

With our “Good Start Combo”, you can be sure that your chickens are in good hands. Give them the best from the start for happy, healthy hens throughout their lives.

Don't wait any longer, get our "Good Start Combo" today and give your chickens the gift of animal welfare they deserve!
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