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Ma Poule Express

Black sunflower

Black sunflower

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Chickens love black sunflowers. This is a treat they enjoy almost as much as mealworms. Black sunflower is an excellent source of nutrition for your poultry, rich in protein and healthy fats. By adding black sunflower seeds to your chickens' diet, you not only provide them with a tasty treat, but also a nutritious supplement that contributes to their overall health and well-being.

**Available in several formats:** At Ma Poule Express, we understand that the needs of each breeder may vary. That's why we offer our black sunflower seeds in different formats to suit your specific needs. You can choose from 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs and 20 lbs bags, ensuring that you will always have the ideal quantity for your chickens, whether you have a small or large flock.

**Uses and benefits:** Black sunflower seeds can be added directly to your chickens' daily diet. They are easy to distribute and can be mixed with other grains or served on their own as a special treat. Chickens find these seeds particularly appetizing, and their crunchy nature encourages them to peck happily. In addition to their taste appeal, black sunflower seeds are an excellent source of energy thanks to their high healthy fat content. They are also rich in fiber, which promotes good digestion in poultry.

**Quality and freshness guaranteed:** At Ma Poule Express, we are committed to providing products of the highest quality. Our black sunflower seeds are carefully selected and packaged to ensure freshness and flavor. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the exceptional quality of our products, which stand out from those of our competitors.

**Pricing Note:** Please note that the online price of our products may be higher than in store. This may be due to processing and shipping fees associated with online orders. We encourage you to check prices in store to get the best deal possible.

**About the producer:** In Canada, nearly 60% of food is wasted, generating 4.6% of greenhouse gases (GHG). Current solutions, such as composting and biomethanization, degrade the nutritional value of food and produce by-products with low added value. Meanwhile, global meat consumption is expected to double by 2050, with raising animals for food emitting 6.3% of GHGs. Farming insects, such as mealworms, represents a sustainable solution for producing protein for both human and animal consumption, and can be incorporated into poultry and fish feeds. Insects convert food into body mass much more efficiently than most other livestock, while emitting fewer GHGs. In addition, their droppings have fertilizing properties that can optimize growth and stimulate the plants' immune system.

In summary, the black sunflower from Ma Poule Express is a treat that your chickens will love. Available in several formats, it is easy to integrate into your poultry's diet and provides them with a high-quality source of nutrition. Trust Ma Poule Express for exceptional products that will support the health and vitality of your chickens.

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