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Ma Poule Express

Dried silkworm pupae

Dried silkworm pupae

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**Ma Poule Express™ dried silkworm pupae - The ultimate treat for your poultry**

Ma Poule Express™ dried silkworm pupae are an ideal choice to enrich your poultry's diet. Made from 100% natural, high-quality silkworms, these pupae constitute an exceptional source of protein, promoting the health and vitality of your animals. Silkworm pupae are considered the most nutritious insects on the market, providing a multitude of nutritional benefits.

**Product Description :**

Ma Poule Express™ dried silkworm pupae are carefully selected to guarantee superior quality. Their high protein content makes them particularly beneficial for poultry, helping to support the growth, laying and general well-being of the animals. As well as being nutritious, these pupae are also very palatable, providing a treat that your poultry will love.

**Manual :**

The use of dried silkworm pupae is simple and flexible, adapting to different feeding methods. Here are two main ways to use them:

1. **Addition to feed:** To enrich your poultry's feed, we advise you to crush dried silkworm pupae before mixing them with their usual feed. This method makes it easy to incorporate the extra protein into their daily diet, improving the nutritional value of the feed.

2. **Rehydration:** You can also rehydrate silkworm pupae to make them easier to eat. To do this, let the product soak in water for 20-30 minutes. Once rehydrated, the pupae regain a softer and more appetizing texture, making them easier to swallow by poultry, particularly for young chicks or older birds.

**How ​​to use silkworm pupae:**

1. **Preparation:** Depending on your preference, crush the silkworm pupae or prepare a soaking solution. To crush, use a mortar and pestle or food mill. To rehydrate, place the pupae in a bowl and add water until completely submerged. Leave to soak for 20 to 30 minutes.

2. **Distribution:** Mix the crushed pupae with your poultry's daily feed or drain the rehydrated pupae before offering them directly. Make sure all poultry have equal access to this nutritious treat.

3. **Observation:** Monitor the reaction of your poultry to the introduction of silkworm pupae. In general, birds are very attracted to these insects and quickly consume them. However, make sure not to overfeed to avoid any dietary imbalance.

**Benefits of dried silkworm pupae:**

- **High protein content:** Silkworm pupae are rich in protein, essential for growth, development and production of quality eggs.
- **Increased palatability:** Their taste and texture are particularly pleasing to poultry, encouraging regular consumption.
- **Flexibility of use:** They can be added to the feed or rehydrated, offering several administration options.

**Conclusion :**

By integrating Ma Poule Express™ dried silkworm pupae into your poultry's diet, you are providing them with an exceptional source of nutrition that will support their health and performance. Easy to use and very palatable, these pupae are the ideal treat for your pets, providing them with all the benefits of a protein-rich diet. Offer the best to your poultry with Ma Poule Express™ dried silkworm pupae and observe the difference in their vitality and productivity.

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