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Laying Chicken Feed 10 LBS

Laying Chicken Feed 10 LBS

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Discover our premium laying feed for laying hens, this food is available in two versions to meet the specific needs of your poultry: enriched with omega and in an organic version.

1. Feed enriched with omega:
Our Omega-enriched formula provides a balanced diet enriched with essential fatty acids to support health and the production of premium eggs. Omegas are known for their health benefits for chickens, contributing to more nutritious eggs for your consumption.

2. Organic feed:
For owners concerned about the quality of their chickens' food, our organic feed is the ideal solution. Made from certified organic ingredients, this formula guarantees healthy and natural nutrition for your laying hens. Offer them the best by choosing our organic feed for superior quality eggs and a healthier life for your poultry.

Whatever your preference, our laying hen feeds are carefully formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of your hens, ensuring their optimal health and well-being while providing you with exceptional quality eggs. Trust our expertise to feed your chickens with the best!
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