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Featured Mix - Dried Mealworms and Fly Larvae 5 LBS

Featured Mix - Dried Mealworms and Fly Larvae 5 LBS

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Discover our Ma Poule Express “Star Blend”, an exquisite fusion of mealworms and dried fly larvae, specially designed to satisfy the taste buds of your chickens and wild birds. With 5 pounds (2.25 kg) of pure nutritional pleasure, this premium formula guarantees a source of quality protein, healthy fats and essential nutrients to promote vitality, growth and healthy egg laying.

Highlights of the Star Blend:
- **Feathered Gastronomy:** A delectable combination of dried mealworms and fly larvae, carefully selected to provide an exceptional culinary experience for your feathered friends.
- **Optimal Nutrition:** 5 pounds of nutritional goodness, providing a balanced source of protein and essential nutrients for the overall health of your pets.
- **Proven Versatility:** Adapted to the dietary needs of domestic chickens and wild birds, making our Featured Mix an ideal option for all the inhabitants of your garden.

Offer your chickens and winged visitors to your garden an exceptional gastronomic experience with the “Star Mix” from Ma Poule Express. Add this delicious and nutritious formula to your cart now and make every meal a true celebration for your feathered companions.
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