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Ma Poule Express

All Season Blend

All Season Blend

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The All-Season Mix for Wild Birds from Ma Poule Express, in a 7 kg format, is a complete solution for providing a balanced diet to wild birds all year round. Specially formulated by Ma Poule Express, this high quality mixture attracts a variety of birds, creating a lively and colorful spectacle in your garden.

Key Features:

  1. Complete Formulation: A blend carefully crafted to provide balanced nutrition in all seasons, meeting the varied needs of wild birds.

  2. Variety of Ingredients: Contains a combination of seeds, grains and dried fruits to satisfy birds' diverse dietary preferences.

  3. Economical Format: Ideal for bird lovers, this generous format ensures a long-lasting supply.

  4. Versatile Attractor: Attracts a wide variety of birds, from tits to blackbirds, providing an entertaining natural spectacle.

  5. Practical packaging: The resealable bag preserves the freshness of the mixture and facilitates storage.

Additional benefits:

  • Support for Biodiversity: Encourages the presence of wild birds in your environment, thus contributing to local biodiversity.

  • Pleasant Observation: Create a fascinating observation point by attracting a diversity of birds to your garden or balcony.

  • Trusted Brand: Ma Poule Express, specialist in animal products, guarantees quality and satisfaction.

  • Suitable for All Weather Conditions: Whether summer, autumn, winter or spring, this blend is suitable for all seasons.

Offer wild birds a nutritious feast in all seasons with the All Seasons Mix from Ma Poule Express. Transform your outdoor space into a bird lover's paradise while supporting the health and well-being of our feathered friends.

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