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Wire Hutch - PET LODGE - Sturdy Galvanized Rabbit House Easy to Assemble

Wire Hutch - PET LODGE - Sturdy Galvanized Rabbit House Easy to Assemble

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This rabbit house is much more than just a shelter. Its sturdy galvanized steel frame provides durable protection against rust, ensuring a long life, whether indoors or outdoors. Vinyl door guards add an extra layer of security for your pets, keeping them safe when entering and exiting the cage.

Assembling this rabbit house is simple, although requiring a little effort. The included metal clips make the process easier, allowing you to mount the cage quickly and easily. Once assembled, this house offers a comfortable and secure space for your small animals.

A major advantage of this house is its stackable design. You can stack up to four of these hutches on top of each other using the Pet Lodge Hutch Frame Kit (sold separately), maximizing your space and providing a convenient solution for housing multiple pets.

Available in different sizes, this rabbit house offers options tailored to your specific needs. Whether you have rabbits, guinea pigs or other small animals, you'll find a size that suits your space and your companions.

In summary, this rabbit house combines durability, safety and practicality. With its solid frame, door protections and stackable option, it offers an ideal shelter for your small animals. Whether in your garden or inside your home, your pets will be comfortable and safe in this quality rabbit house.
  • Size Options Available: This product is available in the following sizes: 24" x 24", 30" x 30", and 30" x 36".
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