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Inkbird IBS-TH1 Plus - Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor

Inkbird IBS-TH1 Plus - Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor

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The Inkbird IBS-TH1 Plus Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor offers a convenient and innovative solution for monitoring environmental conditions in a variety of settings, from baby rooms and laboratories to wine cellars and garages. With a built-in readout screen displaying temperature, humidity, battery capacity and Bluetooth icon, this device provides comprehensive, real-time monitoring of internal conditions.

Thanks to its magnetic design, the sensor can be easily attached to various metal surfaces, making it easy to place in any environment. Additionally, a convenient button on the side allows you to easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature units, providing additional flexibility for users.

As for the technical specifications, the internal sensor is capable of measuring temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C, while the external probe can extend this range up to 100°C. The humidity range covered by the sensor is from 0% to 99% RH, allowing accurate and comprehensive monitoring of environmental conditions.

The data logging interval is fully adjustable, with options ranging from 10 seconds to 30 minutes, allowing users to customize how often data is collected. By default, data is collected at one-minute intervals, providing a balance between collection frequency and battery life.

The key advantage of this sensor is its Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to monitor temperature and humidity directly from their smartphone via a free iOS or Android app. With a barrier-free Bluetooth connection range of up to 30 meters (98 feet), users can check internal conditions conveniently and wirelessly, providing increased flexibility and convenience.

Powered by two AAA batteries, this sensor is easy to maintain and can operate autonomously for long periods of time. Its versatility makes it ideal for a range of applications including baby rooms, wine cellars, garages, greenhouses, laboratories and much more.

In conclusion, the Inkbird IBS-TH1 Plus Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor represents a comprehensive and versatile solution for monitoring and maintaining optimal environmental conditions in a variety of settings. With its Bluetooth connectivity, integrated readout screen and convenient design, it provides accurate and convenient monitoring, while being easy to use and maintain.
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