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HLC-P lampshade - White

HLC-P lampshade - White

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The sturdy white steel cover and reflector are not only corrosion resistant, but also designed for maximum durability in the most demanding environments. The metal reflector and cover undergo a specific pre-treatment, including a zinc coating, followed by a reflective silver epoxy layer. This combination of materials and coatings provides protection against corrosion while improving heating efficiency.

The reflector is designed with extra depth to provide optimal protection for the bulbs from external elements. In addition, the sturdy plated guard protector provides additional protection to the bulb, while offering the convenience of a hinge for easy replacement.

With a 10-foot (3-meter) grounded cord included, this equipment provides increased placement flexibility, allowing you to install it in a variety of locations while ensuring a safe and reliable connection.

Whether you use it in a garage, warehouse or industrial workspace, this powerful and robust lighting is an ideal choice for providing efficient and safe illumination. Opt for quality and durability with this lighting equipment designed to meet the most demanding needs.

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