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Pea Seeds (Laxton's Progress)

Pea Seeds (Laxton's Progress)

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Pea Seeds (Laxton's Progress) are a classic variety of shelling pea, known for its delicious flavor and versatility in cooking. These peas produce long, straight pods, containing large, tender, sweet peas. The Laxton's Progress variety is prized for its vigorous growth and ability to produce a bountiful harvest, even in less than perfect growing conditions. These peas are often grown in home gardens for their ease of cultivation and adaptability to a variety of climates. They can be eaten fresh, frozen or canned, adding a touch of freshness and nutrition to meals. Whether growing in a home garden or growing commercially, pea seeds (Laxton's Progress) are a popular choice for gardeners of all experience levels, providing a reliable and flavorful harvest season after season.

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