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Pumpkin Seeds (Jack O'Lantern)

Pumpkin Seeds (Jack O'Lantern)

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The pumpkin is a staple icon of the fall season, and it holds a special place in many traditions, especially during Halloween. The ideal variety for this occasion is the one that lends itself best to carving, and that's where the featured pumpkin comes in. With its bright orange skin, smooth and firm, it is not only perfect for being carved into jack -o'-lantern, but it is also a treat for the kitchen.

Weighing on average 4.5 kg, this pumpkin offers a flesh with a fine texture, ideal for preparing a delicious pumpkin pie, soup or even purees. Its mild and savory taste makes it a very popular ingredient in many fall dishes.

To obtain quality pumpkins, it is important to take care of the plants from the start of the season. From late summer onwards, it is recommended to remove any flowers or new fruits that develop in order to concentrate the plant's energy on the growth of the fruits already formed. This will ensure larger, healthier pumpkins to harvest.

When it comes time to harvest, timing is essential. Pumpkins should be harvested when fully ripe to ensure the best quality and flavor. When cutting the pumpkin, leave part of the stem attached to the fruit to act as a handle, making it easier to carry and handle.

For those looking to get fruit earlier in the season, it is recommended to sow seeds indoors about 3 to 4 weeks before the last frost. This will allow the plants to grow enough to be transplanted outdoors once weather conditions permit.

In conclusion, the pumpkin described is much more than just a symbol of Halloween. It is a versatile and delicious plant that offers a variety of culinary and decorative uses, making it an indispensable part of the fall season.

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