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Entero-Chick – Prevention of Gut Health Problems

Entero-Chick – Prevention of Gut Health Problems

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Entero-Chick is an animal health product registered by Health Canada, specifically designed to prevent intestinal health problems in backyard birds such as hens, chicks, chickens and turkeys. Available in 500 ml format, Entero-Chick is composed of essential oils and botanical extracts selected to offer a broad spectrum of action against bacteria, coccidia and parasites.

In addition to its preventive properties against intestinal problems, Entero-Chick contains botanical extracts with a recognized anxiolytic effect, helping birds to adapt to their environment and reduce stress, especially during periods of summer heat.

The benefits of Entero-Chick are numerous: it helps maintain healthy intestinal flora, facilitates the digestion of nutrients, improves the general well-being of birds, reduces pecking and facilitates the introduction of new birds into the henhouse.

To use Entero-Chick, simply add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) to 1 liter of drinking water each day. It is important to ensure that fresh water is always available for birds at all times.

In conclusion, Entero-Chick is an essential product for any backyard bird owner concerned about the health and well-being of their animals. With its preventative properties and many benefits, it is a valuable addition to the bird care routine. Order now and give your birds optimal intestinal protection.
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