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Combo Bridge +

Combo Bridge +

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Immerse your chickens in a world of well-being and health with our “Combo Laying +”, a careful selection of quality products designed to promote the regularization of laying and improve the overall health of your poultry.

**Dehydrated Mealworms for Poultry:** These mealworms, also known as mealworm larvae, are a real treat for your chickens. They are high in fat and protein, providing an energy intake equivalent to that of other creatures that poultry find in their natural environment. These delicacies promote egg laying, facilitate digestion and are raised 100% naturally, without additives or preservatives. Distributed as a supplement to the daily diet, they offer your chickens a supply of proteins and good fats.

**Oyster Shells:** These oyster shells, offered as desired to the hens or incorporated into the feed, provide a natural calcium supplement of choice. They promote the strength of egg shells and improve digestion thanks to their crushed effect. By ensuring optimal hardness of the shells, they reduce the appearance of microcracks and contribute to the bone and muscle development of hens.

**Gallina Ponte Plus:** This synergistic and effective formula offers a multitude of benefits for your laying hens. By improving the homogeneity of eggs, increasing their productivity and nutritional quality, it helps to strengthen the immune system, prevent dehydration and reduce the pollutant load on the environment. Additionally, it promotes brighter egg yolks and a stronger shell, while facilitating the digestive process.

Together, these products constitute a complete package for the well-being and health of your chickens, guaranteeing regular laying and superior quality eggs. Give your poultry the best possible start with our “Combo Ponte +”, and enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous poultry life.
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