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Heating bowl - 0.5 gallon

Heating bowl - 0.5 gallon

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The Farm Innovators 0.5 Gallon Heating Bowl is the ideal option for providing thermal comfort for your animals, especially during colder months. With a capacity of 0.5 gallons, this heated bowl ensures that your pets will always have access to water at the perfect temperature, even in freezing weather.

**Key Features:**

1. **0.5 Gallon Capacity:** Perfect for small to medium pets, providing a reserve of heated water on cold days.

2. **Built-in heating element:** Featuring a built-in heating element, this bowl keeps water at an optimal temperature to prevent freezing.

3. **Sturdy Construction:** Manufactured by Farm Innovators, this warming bowl is designed with quality materials for maximum durability.

4. **Heavy Duty Power Cord:** Comes with a durable power cord, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

5. **Anti-Tip Base:** The solid base ensures the stability of the bowl, preventing accidental tip-over.

**Additional benefits:**

- **Freeze Prevention:** Maintains water at the proper temperature, preventing freezing and ensuring constant access to a source of drinking water.

- **Pet Friendly:** Gentle, consistent heat encourages pets to stay hydrated, supporting their overall well-being.

- **Easy to clean:** The simple design allows for easy cleaning to ensure water cleanliness.

- **Adaptability:** Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, ideal for stables, pens, and other environments.

The Farm Innovators 0.5 Gallon Heating Bowl offers a reliable and convenient solution to meet the thermal needs of your animals during cold seasons. Invest in their comfort by giving them constant access to heated water with this quality heated bowl.
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