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Heated base for poultry waterer - 125 W

Heated base for poultry waterer - 125 W

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The Poultry Waterer Heated Base is an ideal solution for those who already have waterers they love and want to use all year round. This practical accessory helps maintain water at an optimal temperature, preventing freezing even in the coldest conditions.

Designed for use both outdoors and indoors, this heating base provides reliable protection against freezing, ensuring constant access to fresh water for your chickens or other poultry. With the ability to prevent freezing down to -12°C, this 125 watt heating base is equipped with thermostatic control, ensuring efficient and economical operation as needed.

Its installation is simple and quick: simply place the heating base under the poultry drinker and connect it to an electrical power source. Thanks to its secure, waterproof design, it can be used in dry, protected locations, providing additional peace of mind to farmers, even in wet or rainy weather.

In addition to preventing water from freezing, this heating base also contributes to the well-being of your animals by ensuring that they always have access to drinking water, essential for their health and hydration. This is especially important during the winter months, where the risk of dehydration is higher due to cold temperatures.

In conclusion, the heated base for poultry waterers is a valuable investment for any poultry farmer concerned about the well-being of their animals. Its efficiency, ease of use and reliability make it an essential accessory to ensure a constant supply of fresh water, even in freezing weather.
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