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Hen rings - Standard format (Pack of 50)

Hen rings - Standard format (Pack of 50)

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Lot of 50 rings for identifying chickens.

The format is for standard sized chickens.

Includes 50 mixed color rings ( Blue, Red, White, Green, Purple, Yellow) .

Chicken rings are essential accessories for any poultry farmer concerned with the management and identification of his flock. These small rings, usually made of plastic or metal, are placed around a hen's leg from a young age, often when she is still a chick.

One of the main functions of chicken bands is individual bird identification. Each ring is marked with a unique number or color code that allows the breeder to track and differentiate each hen in his flock. This is particularly useful on large farms where traceability of birds is essential for health, breeding and production management.

In addition to identification, chicken bands can also be used to indicate other important information, such as the bird's breed, lineage or date of birth. This allows the breeder to make informed selection and breeding decisions to improve the desired characteristics of their herd.

Hen bands can also be used for regulatory and compliance purposes. In certain regions, it is obligatory to identify hens individually for reasons of public health or traceability of poultry products. Bushings provide a simple and effective way to meet these regulatory requirements.

In addition to their functionality, chicken rings can also be aesthetically pleasing. Many breeders choose colored or decorated bands to add a touch of personality to their flock and to make birds easier to visually identify.

In summary, chicken rings are essential tools for any serious poultry farmer. Their primary function of individual identification facilitates flock management, traceability and regulation, while providing aesthetic options to personalize and differentiate birds. Whether for a small family backyard or a large commercial operation, chicken bands are an essential part of modern poultry management.

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