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Shock resistant bulb - 250 W

Shock resistant bulb - 250 W

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This bulb stands out for its increased safety compared to competing products, thanks to its thick glass and impact-resistant design. Designed to keep your chickens warm during cold weather, it offers a reliable solution to guarantee their comfort and well-being. It is essential to follow the recommendations on the box for optimal and safe use of the bulb. For those who prefer a heat source without light, our giant ceramic bulb is available.

Red bulbs are a popular option for providing heat for chickens, especially during colder periods. Red light has a calming effect on chickens, promoting rest and sleep. Additionally, it is often used for growing chicks because it simulates daylight without disrupting their natural resting cycle.

In conclusion, our range of bulbs offers safe, effective options adapted to the specific needs of your chickens. Whether you are looking for a sustainable heat source, a light-free solution or a soothing light to promote rest, our products are designed to meet your requirements while ensuring the comfort and health of your animals.
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