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Ma Poule Express

Exclusive Blue Drinker

Exclusive Blue Drinker

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The exclusive Ma Poule Express waterers in blue are a revelation for poultry farmers. Available in four sizes - 1.5L, 3L, 6L and 11L - they offer a solution to suit every need.

Their vibrant blue color sets them apart, making them easier to spot in the breeding environment. This aesthetic feature is complemented by a solid and durable construction, ensuring a long lifespan even in the most demanding conditions.

One of the strong points of these drinkers is their ergonomic design, designed to facilitate daily use. Wide fill caps ensure quick and easy filling, while stable bases prevent accidental spills, ensuring constant access to clean water for poultry.

The varied range of formats meets a multitude of needs. Whether for a small group of chickens in an urban garden or for a larger commercial flock, there is a Ma Poule Express waterer suitable for every situation. The 1.5L model is perfect for small flocks or smaller poultry houses, while the 11L model is suitable for larger operations requiring greater capacity.

In addition to their exceptional functionality, Ma Poule Express waterers are distinguished by their ease of maintenance. Their no-frills design allows for quick and efficient cleaning, essential for maintaining optimal sanitary conditions and ensuring the health of poultry.

In summary, the exclusive Ma Poule Express waterers in blue are an essential choice for any poultry farmer. Their quality of construction, their practicality and their varied range of formats make them an essential accessory to ensure the adequate hydration of your birds, thus contributing to their well-being and their overall health.
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