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Stop-Pick Spray - Prevents cannibalism

Stop-Pick Spray - Prevents cannibalism

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This revolutionary product is specially formulated to prevent cannibalism in chickens, a troubling behavior that can cause considerable harm to your flock. Designed to be used at the first signs of pecking or as soon as this harmful behavior is observed in your chickens, it offers an effective and rapid solution to protect the health and well-being of your poultry.

One of the unique characteristics of this product is its composition based on Aloe, a plant known for its soothing and healing properties. By combining Aloe with natural ingredients such as Gentian, Cayenne Pepper and Juniper Grow, this formula works synergistically to deter aggressive behavior while promoting the healing of wounds already present.

The practical 200 ml format allows you to easily apply the product to areas affected by biting or pecking. The pale orange colored liquid is quickly absorbed by the chickens' skin, ensuring rapid and effective action.

The instructions for use are simple: spray the product on the affected areas as soon as the first signs of itching appear, then repeat as necessary. It is crucial to administer this product as soon as possible to prevent the establishment of pecking behavior and protect the mental and physical health of your chickens.

In conclusion, this product is much more than just a deterrent against cannibalism in chickens. Thanks to its innovative formulation and natural ingredients, it offers a complete solution to prevent aggressive behavior, promote wound healing and guarantee the overall well-being of your herd. Invest in the health and happiness of your chickens today with this revolutionary product.

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