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The self-sufficient farmhouse

Do you know about autarky ? Well, I didn't know what it was either before meeting two extraordinary women: Charlie & Gabry-L from Fermette Autarcie , who live according to this philosophy of life which is no longer relevant today. , but which should nevertheless be the basis of our existence.

Let me share with you some thoughts on autarchy . Autarky is much more than just an economic and political concept; it is a state where a country or community is self-sufficient, without depending on trade or external resources. In this system, the production of goods and services is mainly intended for internal consumption, with the needs of the population being met by locally available resources.

These two women have completely transformed their lifestyle to get back to basics and self-sufficiency . A few years ago, they lived in the heart of the city, in an apartment... and then their dreams began to take shape. Becoming self-sufficient was their aspiration. They started by informing themselves, reading, asking and trying. It all started with a few sprouts here and there, houseplants, fine herbs, cooking with these plants and herbs. They then continued in this vein by making their own soap, shampoo, etc., and kept the profits from their sales, which they put aside to finance their dream. A few years later, their dream began with the purchase of a farm which they transformed into a true paradise. Gardens in abundance, a greenhouse, a farm, a chicken coop, a few chickens, many chickens, goats, a cow and much more... The more time passed, the more their dream grew.

They traded travel for chickens, reduced full-time work to take care of their farm and be happy. They eventually started to become their own grocery store, forming a small community with their neighbors. Everyone has a service to offer and the exchange happens naturally. The self-sufficient farm produces its own vegetables, fruits, pastries, bread, honey, eggs, soap, shampoo, snacks. They barter with their neighbors to try to depend as little as possible on grocery stores and any processed products. Currently, all of their meals are prepared self-sufficiently. Most of their products come from their farm or are obtained through trade with their neighbors. For products they cannot obtain directly from suppliers, they ensure that they are purchased locally. They are two women like you and me, starting from nothing, with no more budget or resources than us. They nurtured a dream that has come true today. Their example is perfect for young people who find that life is often too commercialized, too regulated and too strict. It shows that life can be different with a little patience, putting the right priorities in place and a willingness to change things.

What makes this farm even more wonderful is that it is located in Mauricie, in Mont-Carmel more precisely, at 1391, rang Saint-Félix, G0X 3J0 , and that it is open to the public during the summer seasons. . These determined young women have built a community on all social networks: TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, and they are followed by thousands of followers who are also enthusiastic about their project. Another good news is that a partnership is being built between Fermette Autarcie and Ma Poule Express . Stay tuned for more details and live products from these women who advocate for animal welfare.

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