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A chick for Easter? NO

**"Attention! Giving a Chick at Easter: Why It's Anything but a Brilliant Idea!"**

Dear Easter Bunny Friends,

As spring approaches, chocolates, flowers, and egg hunts become commonplace. But amid all this spring joy, there's one tradition that, frankly, should be relegated to the dustbin: giving chicks as Easter gifts. Yes, you read correctly. These cute, seemingly innocent little balls of feathers can turn into real nightmares on legs. Here's why :

*They don't stay small forever:** Yes, they're adorable when they fit in the palm of your hand, but what happens when they grow? You'll end up having a rooster in the middle of your living room, looking to herald dawn at any time of the day or night.

 * They are not toys: Chicks are not stuffed animals that can be left in a corner once the excitement of Easter has passed. They are living beings that require constant care, attention, and a suitable environment.

**Parents won't be happy:** You really want to be the friend who gave a gift that makes you scream "oh, great!" to the children and “oh no!” to parents ? Trust me, this is not the reaction you are looking for.

**The smell:** Chicks don't smell like roses. Their litter box can quickly become a foul-smelling affair if not cleaned regularly. And let's be honest, no one wants a house that smells like a chicken coop.

**The Logistics of Urban Chickens:** For those who live in the city, parking a car can already be a challenge. Imagine trying to fit a chicken coop into your downtown apartment. Spoiler: it doesn't work.

So, before you give in to the urge to add a little ball of feathers to your Easter basket, think twice. Instead, opt for chocolate eggs, spring flowers, or better yet, a good old greeting card. Your friends, your family, and especially your neighbors, will be grateful to you.

Happy Easter, and remember: leave the chicks where they are, on the farms where they can roam freely and cluck to their heart's content.

See you soon !
The Ma Poule Express team

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