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Candy for your poultry!

At Ma Poule Express, we know how much your chickens deserve the best. That's why we are proud to present a varied range of delicious treats, designed to delight the taste buds of your precious poultry. From balanced nutrition to indulgent delights, we have everything you need to keep your chickens happy and healthy.

1. * *Mixed Seed Bells :** Our mixed seed bells are a real explosion of flavors and textures. Made from a carefully selected blend of seeds, they provide your chickens with a nutritious feast that stimulates their appetite and well-being.

2. ** Sunflower Seed Bells :** Sunflower seeds are a favorite treat of many chickens. Our sunflower seed bells are high in healthy fats, making them a delicious treat to give your chickens from time to time.

3. ** Dried Mealworms :** Dried mealworms are a high-quality source of protein for your chickens. Their crunchy texture and irresistible taste make them a popular treat, ideal for encouraging them to peck and explore.

4. ** Dried Fly Larvae :** Dried fly larvae are an excellent source of nutrients for chickens. Their high protein content makes them an energetic snack that promotes the healthy growth and development of your chickens.

5. ** Safflower :** Safflower is a seed rich in essential fatty acids, beneficial for the health of your chickens' feathers. In addition to providing them with a balanced diet, safflower helps maintain shiny and silky feathers.

6. ** Peck Block :** Our peck block is a source of fun and nutrition for your chickens. Made from natural ingredients, this block encourages pecking and provides your chickens with essential minerals for optimal health.

7. ** Featured Blend :**The Featured Blend is a tasty blend of mealworms and fly larvae, giving your chickens a double dose of protein deliciousness. Perfect for a special reward or to encourage natural scratching behavior.

8. ** Party Mix :** Our Party Mix is ​​a festive treat for your chickens, combining seeds and dried insects for an unforgettable eating experience. Ideal for adding variety to their daily diet.

9. ** Dried Silk Pupae ** : Dried silk pupae are a natural source of protein and nutrients for your chickens. Their crunchy texture and delicate taste make them a popular treat, perfect for rewarding your chickens with a touch of originality.

10. ** All Seasons Blend **: Our All Seasons Blend is a balanced combination of festive grains, carefully selected to provide your birds with a varied and nutritious diet all year round. Whether as a reward or as a complement to their main diet, this mixture will delight your chickens' taste buds and promote their general well-being.

At Ma Poule Express, we are committed to providing high quality products for the well-being of your chickens. Give them the fun and variety they deserve with our selection of irresistible treats. Come discover our full range in store today and make every day a celebration for your beloved chickens!

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