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Dried Mealworms - 100% LOCAL Edition Made in Quebec

Dried Mealworms - 100% LOCAL Edition Made in Quebec

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Ma Poule Express dried mealworms are a great option for feeding your chickens and providing them with quality nutrition. These worms come from reputable suppliers and are raised 100% naturally, ensuring a product rich in proteins and vitamins for the well-being of your poultry. By choosing Ma Poule Express mealworms, you provide your chickens with a source of balanced, high-quality nutrition. Mealworms are also an excellent source of good fats, which helps maintain the health and vitality of your birds. Their crunchy texture and delicious taste will delight your chickens, who will not be able to resist this delicious treat.

**Made in Canada:** Ma Poule Express guarantees quality and supports local communities with exclusively Canadian production. Our mealworms are made in Quebec, in a circular economy, which helps reduce food waste while supporting local producers.

**Eco-friendly:** Our dried mealworms are an eco-friendly alternative, reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional meat production. Insect farming is more sustainable and generates less water pollution and soil degradation.

**Premium Quality:** Our dried mealworms are carefully selected and processed to provide a nutritious and delicious treat for your pets. They are guaranteed hormone-free, GMO-free and chemical-free, ensuring a healthy and natural diet.

**Versatile Snacks:** These mealworms are great not only for chickens, but also for a variety of other pets, including birds, lizards, turtles, hedgehogs, rodents and fish. They offer a varied and nutritious treat for all your pets.

**Natural Purity:** Our mealworms are without additives or preservatives. They are rich in prebiotic fiber, digestible proteins including nine complete amino acids, vitamin B12, good fats (Omega 3 and 6), as well as zinc, iron and other essential minerals.

**Practical Sizes:** Our dried mealworms are available in several sizes to suit your needs. Whether you have a few chickens or a large number of pets, you will find the packaging that suits you. Our formats include convenient 1lb (0.45kg) packaging, but we also offer smaller or larger options to suit all situations. Each package is designed for easy storage, ensuring you'll always have fresh, tasty mealworms on hand.

**About the producer:** In Canada, nearly 60% of food is wasted, generating 4.6% of greenhouse gases (GHG). Current solutions, such as composting and biomethanization, degrade the nutritional value of food and produce by-products with low added value. Meanwhile, global meat consumption is expected to double by 2050, with raising animals for food emitting 6.3% of GHGs. Farming insects, such as mealworms, represents a sustainable solution for producing protein for both human and animal consumption, and can be incorporated into poultry and fish feeds. Insects convert food into body mass much more efficiently than most other livestock, while emitting fewer GHGs. In addition, their droppings have fertilizing properties that can optimize growth and stimulate the plants' immune system.

In summary, Ma Poule Express dried mealworms are an ideal choice for all chicken keepers keen to provide their poultry with high quality nutrition. Rich in proteins, vitamins and good fats, they promote the health and vitality of your chickens, while being easy to use and store. With a variety of formats available, you will always find the right product for your needs. Trust Ma Poule Express for exceptional products that will delight your chickens and bring you complete satisfaction.

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