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Egg Storage Box for refrigerator

Egg Storage Box for refrigerator

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Product Name: Egg Storage Box

Material: Polypropylene

Colors Available : Green, Blue, Pink, White

Size: 32 x 21 x 7.8cm

Weight : 430 grams


1. Drawer Design: This storage box is designed with drawer-shaped compartments for easy organization. The material used is food grade, ensuring the safety of your eggs during storage. Plus, its breathable design helps prevent condensation buildup.

2. Mesh Design: Each compartment is equipped with an egg-shaped grid that prevents eggs from rolling and banging against each other. This preserves the integrity of each egg and prevents accidental breakage.

3. Overlapping Design: This storage box is designed to save space in your refrigerator. You can stack several of these boxes to maximize space utilization. With a large capacity, it will meet your daily storage needs and allow you to optimize every inch of space in your refrigerator.

This egg storage box is not only practical but also aesthetic with its varied colors. It ensures your eggs stay fresh and intact while helping you organize your fridge efficiently. An essential accessory for any modern kitchen.

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