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$4.99 - Carrot Seed Ribbon (Scarlet Nantes)

$4.99 - Carrot Seed Ribbon (Scarlet Nantes)

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Highly sought-after almost heartless variety with tender and tasty flesh, bright orange. Repeat sowing every 2 weeks to ensure a continuous harvest.

Seed tape, a quick and easy way to garden. The seeds are fixed on a muslin ribbon, cut it to the desired length. There is no need to clarify.

Cultivation information:

  • preparing the soil for sowing.

  • Make rows 30 cm (12'') apart and 13 mm (1/2'') deep.

  • separate and lay the strips of ribbon on the rows

  • Water the seed ribbon thoroughly then cover with soil and water again thoroughly.

    NB. Seed ribbons require continual moisture for better germination.

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