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Holiday Combo

Holiday Combo

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Get ready to head out on a summer weekend with peace of mind with our perfect set, designed to meet all of your pets' needs while providing you with exceptional value.

**8 Liter Waterer:** Make sure your pets stay hydrated while you are away with our 8 liter waterer. Featuring a generous capacity, this waterer ensures that your pets will always have fresh water available, allowing them to stay hydrated and healthy even in hot weather.

**8 Kilogram Feeder:** With our 8 kilogram feeder, your animals will be able to eat to their full content while you are away. Its large capacity allows you to store a generous amount of food, ensuring that your pets will not run out of food while you are away.

**1 Book of Mealworms:** To make up for your departure, offer your animals a delicious treat in the form of mealworms. Not only will they love this treat, but it will also help provide them with essential protein for their health and vitality.

**500 Grams of Millet:** Offer your animals a source of entertainment with 500 grams of millet. Not only is millet a delicious treat for many animals, it also provides them with a stimulating activity by encouraging them to peck and play.

**1 Kilogram of Diatomaceous Earth:** To eliminate pests and maintain a healthy environment for your pets, our set also includes 1 kilogram of diatomaceous earth. This natural powder is effective in fighting parasites while being safe for your animals and the environment.

Together, these products provide invaluable value in ensuring the well-being of your pets while you are away. For just $110, you can go on a summer weekend with complete peace of mind, knowing that your pets are well taken care of and that you have made a wise investment in their health and happiness.
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