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Horse - CM 16-10

Horse - CM 16-10

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16‐10 Liberty

Mineral for growing foals, horses in maintenance or training and broodmares


‐ Premix of minerals and vitamins formulated to meet the needs of horses.

- 100% selenium in organic form.

‐ Supply of copper, zinc and manganese in the form of proteinates.

- Contains B-complex vitamins.

‐ Enriched with yeast cultures.


Use 19 kg of 16‐10 Liberté, 5.3 kg of calcium carbonate, 6.6 kg of salt, 274 kg of soybean meal and 695.1 kg of oats to make 1 tonne of complete feed. Adjust the quantities of feed to be served according to the work done. Consult the Liberty ration calculator.


Store in a cool, dry place.


20 kg bag.

Guaranteed analysis

Calcium (actual) 16%

Phosphorus (actual) 10%

Magnesium (actual) 2.8%

Sulfur (real) 1.0%

Sodium (actual) 5.0%

Potassium (actual) 0.8%

Iodine (actual) 40 mg/kg

Iron (actual) 3980 mg/kg

Copper (actual) 1180 mg/kg

Manganese (actual) 2960 mg/kg

Zinc (actual) 4920 mg/kg

Cobalt (actual) 15 mg/kg

Fluorine (actual) 537 mg/kg

Selenium (added) 16 mg/kg

Vitamin A (min.) 374 190 IU/kg

Vitamin D (min.) 69,345 IU/kg

Vitamin E (min.) 5,130 IU/kg

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