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Play ball for dog or horse

Play ball for dog or horse

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The very durable blue rubber dog or horse play ball is an essential accessory to entertain and stimulate your four-legged companions. Designed to be both durable and fun, this ball provides hours of fun and exercise for dogs and horses of all ages and sizes.

Made from high-quality rubber, this ball is extremely resistant to bites and hooves, making it a sturdy toy that stands the test of time. Its bright blue color is easily spotted in any environment, whether in the garden, paddock or park, making play even more exciting for your pets.

The play ball for dogs or horses is versatile and can be used in different ways. For dogs, it can be thrown, rolled or simply chewed, providing a variety of fun activities to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. For horses, it can be used as a chew toy in the paddock or as a training tool to encourage interaction and concentration.

In addition to providing entertainment, this play ball is also beneficial for the health and well-being of your pets. Physical exercise is essential for maintaining the health and fitness of dogs and horses, and playing with this ball allows them to expend energy and stay active. Additionally, chewing the ball can help relieve stress and boredom, contributing to your pets' mental well-being.

The very durable blue rubber dog or horse play ball is an essential accessory for any pet owner. Tough, versatile and fun, this ball provides both entertainment and health benefits for your dogs and horses, making it a valuable investment to enrich the lives of your four-legged companions.

Dimensions: 26 x 36 cm (An egg has been put in the photo in order to see a comparison)

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