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Set for 4 to 7 chickens - SET B

Set for 4 to 7 chickens - SET B

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Package B is a complete solution for those planning to start raising chickens at home. With a thoughtful selection of essentials, this bundle lets you save time and money by purchasing everything you need in one go.

The included 6 liter waterer ensures a constant supply of fresh water for your chickens, while the 6 kg feeder provides generous space to distribute their feed efficiently. With these two basics in place, you can be sure that your chickens will be well fed and hydrated.

In addition to the basic elements, this set includes several practical accessories to facilitate the management of your chicken coop. The 10 egg containers make it easy to collect and store fresh eggs, while the sprouting tray allows you to produce nutritious sprouts to enrich your chickens' diet.

The large egg rack provides a convenient way to display fresh eggs to family and friends, while the egg scoop simplifies cleaning and maintenance of your chicken coop. Plus, the 10 variously colored chicken rings provide a fun way to identify and differentiate your chickens, which can be useful if you have a large flock.

In conclusion, Set B is a wise choice for those who want to start their chicken farming successfully. With its combination of basic elements and practical accessories, this set allows you to create an optimal environment for your chickens from the start. Order now and embark on your poultry adventure with confidence!
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