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Ma Poule Express

Vitality Combo

Vitality Combo

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For healthy, active and healthy hens. A natural and safe solution to strengthen the immune system when antibiotics are not desired.

Dehydrated mealworms for poultry

Mealworms, the larvae of an insect called the mealworm. They help to promote laying and help strengthen the cartilage and bones of your hens. They love these little treats! They are 25% fat and 50% protein. Their energy intake is equivalent to that of other eight-legged creatures that poultry find in their natural environment. We recommend distributing it sparingly in addition to their daily diet. Also, practical when the climatic conditions prevent the hens and chicks from digging up these dried worms themselves in the ground (in winter during frosts or when there is snow for example).

  • Suitable for chickens and wild birds

  • In addition to their daily diet by giving a good contribution of protein and good fats

  • Promotes egg laying

  • Aids digestion

  • 100% naturally raised with no additives or preservatives from a reputable supplier.

  • They are given on the fly, as rewards or treats.

  • Packed with great care by our employees.

Party Mix

Ma Poule Express has created an exclusive mix. We've thoroughly tested every grain available and made the product your hens will love. We have also added our tasty natural mealworms and black soldier fly larvae as the first ingredients.

Ingredients: Mealworms, black fly larvae, white millet, red millet, sunflower seeds.

Gallina plus Vitality

• Increase energy

• Increase water consumption

• Improve muscle and nerve functions

• Strengthen the immune system

• Increase appetite in times of stress

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