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Entero Chick - 500ml

Entero Chick - 500ml

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Animal Health product registered by Health Canada to add to the drinking water of barnyard birds (hens, chicks, chickens and turkeys).
Entero-Chick is composed of essential oils and botanical extracts selected for a broad spectrum of action to be used in the prevention of intestinal health problems caused by bacteria, coccidia and parasites. In addition, botanical extracts with a recognized anxiolytic effect included in Entero-Chick will allow the bird to adapt well to its environment and to heat stress in summer.
 For complete gut health.
 Maintains healthy intestinal flora.
 Facilitates the digestion of nutrients.
 Improves the welfare of birds.
 Reduces pecking.
 Facilitates the introduction of birds into the poultry house.
Manual :
Add 1 teaspoon (5ml) Entero-Chick to 1 liter of drinking water daily.
Make sure fresh water is available to the birds at all times.

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