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Set for 100 chickens - Set D

Set for 100 chickens - Set D

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The 100 Chicken Deluxe Kit is the perfect option for home chicken keepers looking for a complete, cost-effective solution. This carefully selected pack includes a range of essential products to make raising your chickens easier, all at a great price.

By opting for this set, you not only save time and effort, but also money, because you benefit from advantageous prices on a selection of quality products.

The included 10 x 11 liter drinkers ensure that your chickens will always have access to fresh, clean water, essential for their health and well-being. Likewise, the 10 9 kg feeders provide sufficient space to rationally distribute food to your flock, ensuring balanced nutrition and optimal growth.

In addition to the drinkers and feeders, this set also includes a feed scoop, an essential tool to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of your chicken coop. With this handy scoop you can easily remove waste and maintain a clean and hygienic environment for your chickens.

In summary, the Deluxe Kit for 100 Chickens is a wise investment for any chicken keeper concerned about the health and well-being of their animals. With its combination of essential products at a great price, this package allows you to start or complete your poultry operation with confidence and ease. Don't miss this opportunity to save and simplify your chicken farming - order now and enjoy the benefits of this practical and complete set.
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